What could go wrong in Iraq? Joe Biden edition

Joe Biden, whom you may recognize as the grinning man often seen on TV with the guy that’s always on the cover of  Newsweek, has another new role in the Obama Administration. As you may remember, Joe rides the train and he’s from Scranton but now he will be overseeing the US departure from Iraq and Washington’s effort to promote internal political reconciliation there.  WH spox and trained monkey Robert Gibbs said Biden would work with Iraqis “toward overcoming their political differences and achieving the type of reconciliation that we all understand has yet to fully take place but needs to take place.”….”Given his knowledge of the region, the number of times he’s been there, he’s perfectly suited for this type of role.”

Let’s review Joe’s history on Iraq:

  1. opposed the 1991 US invasion to repel Iraqi forces
  2. advocated dividing Iraq into 3 separate states for Sunni, Shia and Kurdish in 2007

In the World According to Joe, reconciliation =partitioning.

Go read Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette for an epic take down of Joe’s foreign policy cred.  It’s worth it.

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One response to “What could go wrong in Iraq? Joe Biden edition

  1. lawofincreasingconservatism

    I didn’t have room to mention that Joe is also in charge of overseeing the stimulus package. “Nobody messes with Joe.”

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