Polls & Pols

  • Support for Sotomayor falls  after SCOTUS reverses  her Ricci opinion
  • MA Gov. Patrick trails potential GOP nominee in gubernatorial race. More on his budget/tax battle from an earlier post.
  • GOP leads the Generic Congressional Ballot (second time this year).  I have no doubt the Republicans in DC can screw this up by next week.
  • Two of South Carolina’s largest newspapers  encouraged Mark Sanford to stay on as Governor.

In related news, 50% of the women he has “crossed the lines” with say he should remain in office.  Click here to join the Stand With  Jenny campaign.   Am I the only one that thinks the Governor was “out kicking his coverage” when he landed Jenny?   Guess not. See here, here and here (scroll down the column on the right). Not too bad for a Georgetown grad who managed his successful Congressional and Gubernatorial campaigns while raising 4 kids.

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