Is Mark Sanford nuts?

That is the question asked by Allahpundit at Hot Air and he makes a compelling case:

I don’t know. Is love “nuts”? Is asking your wife if you can visit your mistress on another continent and then going anyway after she tells you no while leaving the state you govern completely in the dark as to your whereabouts, and then coming back and making a total media spectacle of yourself by blubbering about soulmates to reporters “nuts”?

Then yeah, cynics. I guess he’s nuts.

Myself, and others, have been thinking the same question.  Google “Mark Sanford”+”crazy” and you quickly get 180,000 results.  IMHO he’s crazy, nuts and his elevator doesn’t go to the top floor BUT not for the reasons Allahpundit mentions.  Here’s the reason I think he’s gone crazy:  Jenny Sanford is willing to forgive him and he does not seem too keen on the idea.

South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford seems to be showing her husband a bit of support, saying in a statement that she’s open to saving her marriage and that others in the state ought to at least consider forgiveness:

Even after he spent Father’s Day in Argentina with his “soul mate” mistress, she still is open to taking him back.  Father’s Day?  Could he be an even bigger ass?  Mrs. Sanford has conducted herself with class and dignity during this ordeal and she’s still pretty hot to be the mother of 4 kids.   I have been outspoken in my admiration for Mrs. Sanford and I think you would be an even bigger idiot( if that’s even possible) Mr. Sanford if you did not go crawling,begging and pleading on your hands and knees back to her you lying, philandering dog.

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