Best Case Scenario for Sarah Palin

After her impromptu decision to step down as  governor of Alaska, the best case scenario for Sarah Palin is that she emerges with her family intact and possibly debt free.   If her decision was made in the best interest of her family, then I have no fault with her.  In the intelligent & intelligible words of The Anchoress:

John McCain has talked a little about what it took to survive 5 years as a POW. I recall him saying that survival meant understanding what you could not control, and what you could. I think that’s what Palin is doing. Her political career is, for now, out of control, largely due to both a malevolent media that cannot do her the very barest of courtesies by leaving her children out of their line of fire, and to the pissant little busybees who look for any excuse to file spurious charges at her. She wears a jacket on a cold day, and finds herself facing “ethics” charges because the manufacturer’s name was visible. There have been more than a dozen “ethics” violations charged to her, and all of them have been dismissed, as filed without basis by “ethical watchdogs.”

Reality is, she is not/never will be a serious candidate for President.  I think she has overtaken Hillary Clinton as the most polarizing woman in American politics.  My scientific analysis comes from observing the number of comments on any post involving her on Hot Air.

BEST CASE LONG-TERM SCENARIO- A sub cabinet level appointment in a Republican administration.

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