More of Alabama’s Tea Parties

More on the Pelham Tea Party I mentioned  here.     Highlights include:

Frank McCoy, of Margaret in St. Clair County, was there with his 9-year-old grandson, Kristopher. McCoy said he heard about the event on the radio. “I’m tired of them wasting money, spending, spending,” McCoy said of Washington politicians.

Angie Shelton of Pelham was there carrying a sign that read, “Elect Clowns Expect a Circus” on one side and “Proud to be Americans. No Bowing. No Apologies,” on the other.

Shelton was with Cindy Hardee of Pelham. Shelton said she had two small children and she was there “just trying to protect their future.”

Additionally, The Tea Parties  in Mobile & Baldwin Counties. Attendance at the party at Magee Farm is estimated to be around 200 ppl.  The Magee Farm is not to be confused with Maggie’s Farm by Bob Dylan.

An organizer of one of the “tea parties” at Magee Farm in Eight Mile, Ben George, said the people attending were frustrated with the current government.

“There’s anger out here,” George said. “These people came out because of this attitude. This government of ours is not listening to us.”……….

The event featured a “Dunk Congress” tank and several people hoisting signs critical of Congress and the White House. The Eight Mile rally appeared to draw at least 200 people, though no official estimate was available.

“O bamboozled,” one sign read. On a stretch of paper taped on a picket fence, someone wrote, “Congress is illegal,” while another scrawled, “Take back our country.”

Regardless of what the MSM says, these protests are not partisan.  Other than the, “O’bamboozled” and first term sign, anger is directed at Congress & their policies, not individual parties or people. Except for this one:

..a sign that marked the last day of President Barack Obama’s first term in office. “Wanna know what day I’m looking forward to?” Paul Knight said, pointing to his sign, suggesting that Obama would not be re-elected.

More of the same in Montgomery.

..they were there to stand up for their rights as Americans and to voice their opposition to the increased infringe­ment on liberties by the cur­rent administration.

“We’re worried about the Constitution; it’s being frayed and torn apart by the new administration,” said Fischer. “We’re just con­cerned to see our rights eroded. It’s really scary.”

Daniels said people may not want to call it like they see it, but everything the government has done so far is nothing short of commun­ism.

Thanks to Doc’s Political Parlor.

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