Jo Bonner concerned about spending;except when he’s not

Republican Jo Bonner (AL-2) has an op-ed out this month entitled, “Runaway Federal Spending.”    He lists the bailouts, porkulus, and the 108b in “loans” to the IMF.  Bonner opposed all of these actions and I am glad he did.  It seems hypocritical to me to talk about government spending when he voted against 49/50 challenges to earmarks in a February 2008 study by Americans for Prosperity that ran in the WSJ:

He voted to save, among other national priorities, the Charles Rangel Center for Public Service ($200,000) at City College of New York, a fake prison in Kansas ($100,000), and $150,000 for the American Ballet Theater in New York City.

Better late than never.  I am glad to see him coming around.

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