Positive news in GOP candidate recruitment

Chris Cillizza mentions Martha Roby again in The Fix this morning.  Roby, a Montgomery City Councilwoman is the GOP’s anointed candidate to knock off freshmen Democrat Bobby Bright in the AL-2.   Please go to Martha’s website and pitch in a few bucks hopefully she will update that sparse web page.  A pic or two wouldn’t kill ya.

Experts think that GOP candidate recruitment is better this year for two reasons;

Recent polling suggests that while President Obama remains extremely popular personally, the popularity of his policies — particularly on the economy — is flagging somewhat…Obama’s numbers in that poll faltered not among Republicans, which is to be expected, but rather among independents and even some Democrats — a worrisome trend for the incumbent.


Another major factor in the Republican recruiting resurgence is the disappearance — figuratively not literally — of former president George W. Bush, a deeply unpopular figure among voters whose presence in the White House led a number of ambitious Republicans to take a pass on bid in the past.

It’s been a while since the word, “Bush” has been associated with anything positive for Republicans.

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