You Stay Classy

  1. You stay classy G-8 leaders. Mainly, you President Obama.  Sarkozy is married to a supermodel and Berlusconi, has bigger problems than leering.
  2. Stay  class, Spell Check. You didn’t do your job and the WH sent out 3 press releases with misspellingsThis comment is priceless. I blame it on Spell Check because I doubt anyone in the Obama Administration would be that stupid and not use it on a WH press release. Right?
  3. You stay classy John Ensign.  Not only did you have an affair with the wife of one of your staffers and longtime friends but you had your parents buy the couple off with $96k. Mark Sanford would probably pay that as a thank-you for getting his name out of the papers.
  4. Stay classy WH Press Corp.  You spent two days complaining about staged questions and then spent the 4th of July at an off the record BBQ at the White House.  Wash. Post salons, anyone? Here is the invitation sent to the networks;

“You are being invited to attend this event as a guest. Blogging, Twittering or otherwise reporting on this event is not permitted. If you feel that you cannot agree to abide by these ground rules, please don’t claim a ticket.

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