Palin’s Political Future

:The NY Times, still puzzled by Sarah Palin, has a few short columns by conservatives (get it, they speak Republican) about where they see Palin in  the future.

We asked some Republican strategists and conservative thinkers, what is Governor Palin’s political future? Can she build up her position in the party while being on the outside?

Glancing through the columns, most of those interviewed see her having some role in the GOP but a leading one.   Peter Wehner, doesn’t pull any punches

In interviews she has come across as unable to offer up more than a sound bite argument on virtually any issue (with the exception of energy). She seems to have memorized answers rather than thought through issues. She doesn’t seem able to articulate a core philosophy. And her announcement that she would not complete her term as governor was rambling and at times incoherent. She strikes me as terribly out of sync with the needs of this moment.

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