Triumvirate of the GOP?: Palin 2012 discussion

Allahpundit at Hot Air stirs  up the 2012 / Sarah Palin controversy again with a CBS clip featuring Ann Coulter, David Frum and Bay Buchanan.

After watching this clip with the sound off, I realized that a deaf man could discern the excitement/ controversy that Sarah Palin brings to the table.  As Ann mentions,  she has got people talking; good or bad.  Bay makes the same point I did here.  How does quitting as governor of Alaska position her to be a viable nationwide candidate? The albatross of being a quitter is already around her neck.

I don’t see how supporters of Sarah Palin expect the same independents who voted for an ultra-liberal candidate  over her ………to come back around 4 years later after she quit her job as governor.

I am sure I will catch hell from this but I have to agree with David Frum:  During the Bush years, Republicans were seen as not competent and effective.  i.e. Hurricane Katrina, Brownie & Harriet Miers.  I think this is where Romney missed his chance in 2008.  He should have been willing to say what Frum said.  Republicans were incompetent and ineffective.  Door opens for Romney? (Call Hugh Hewitt)

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