Blue Dogs on Parade

Bright & Griffith are among the 60 House Democrats that the RNC will target over the next month in a $1 million ad campaign to  defeat Obamacare.  Waste of money if you ask me.  H’tip to Danny @ Doc’s Political Parlor.

The Most Important Number in Politics Today

49– the number of House Democrats from districts carried by John McCain in 2008.  Included are Bobby Bright (McCain 63%) and Parker Griffith (61%) and McCain isn’t even the kind of Republican that most Alabamians voted for.  The percentages would have been higher if say, Mike Huckabee were on the ticket.   Chris Cillizza:

The problem for Pelosi in this debate is that her caucus is almost too big. Democrats picked up more than 50 seats in the past two elections, many of them in places like Idaho where Obama took just 36 percent; a vote for the president’s agenda, particularly on an issue as divided along partisan lines as health care, could be enough to convince their constituents that they are more loyal to the national party than to their own state.

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