Sarah = George Wallace??

Palin famously compared herself to a pit bull with lipstick. We might note she could be George Wallace with lipstick. If we look past the racism, there’s much to compare between Wallace’s ode to the “good people of Alabama” and Palin’s admonition to not “underestimate the wisdom of the people.”

I am used to Sarah being called a “bimbo”, or a “slutty flight attendant”, by PDS late-night comedic hacks.  When the editors of what was once a respectable Alabama newspaper use that kind of language just shows who is really more like George Wallace.  Memo to the editors:   George Wallace = Sarah Palin is too much of  a stretch, even for the MSM.   Looks like someone is eying a promotion to the NY Times. H’tip Danny. C4Palin. Fire Andrea Mitchell has the video.

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