Universal Healthcare FAIL in 3 Easy Hawaii Steps

Hawaii Health Care Is Called a Model for U.S.

May 19, 1993

Hawaii Ends Universal Child Health Care 7 Months After Start

Saturday , October 18, 2008

Isle health care law questioned

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A law enacted in Hawai’i in 1974 that requires employers to provide health insurance for employees working at least 20 hours a week is being cited by researchers who are skeptical of similar mandates being suggested in the argument for universal health care.

States are known as laboratories of democracy.  How did that universal healthcare experiment turn out for ya?

It has failed in its two major goals of 1) decreasing the number of Hawaii’s population that were uninsured and 2) curtailing the ever-rising costs of health care delivery.

In order to control spiraling health care costs, it has just instituted its Health Quest Program, which will severely ration care and deprive most of the citizens of our state of their right to be treated by the physician of their choice. In light of this information, the American people and members of Congress should think long and hard before enacting a health care proposal which shares so many features of Hawaii’s Prepaid Health Care Act.

Oh, that’s too bad.  Thanks to the delicious people at Sweetness & Light.

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