Good news for GOP PAC’s

First this story in Congressional Quarterly, “GOP PACs Dominate.”

CQ MoneyLine analysis of PACs tied to lawmakers and candidates found that Republicans had raised more than $10 million during the first half of the year compared to the $5.5 million for Democrats.

The GOP PACs with the largest receipts (largest-to-smallest) belong to Mitt Romney, Eric Cantor, Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, John Boehner, John McCain and Jon Kyl.

The Republican PACs also hold an edge in cash on hand, with $6.8 million compared to the Democrats $5.2 million.

Politico:  American Solutions for Winning the Future (Newt Gingrich) pulled in 8.1 million the first half of this year compared to HuckPAC raising $300,000 during the same period of time.  Huck is probably doing well as a TV host but he stinks as a fundraiser.  HuckPAC  appears to be running $100,000 in the red.

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