Parker Griffith got the townhall in a hospital memo

Gotta get away from those angry mobs of rapid right wing extremists.  God forbid our representatives actually meet with us in person.

Congressman Parker Griffith will discuss his ideas on health care reform at a press conference at Crestwood Hospital at 2 p.m. today.  The event was originally scheduled to happen at the north Alabama congressman’s Huntsville office, but it was changed to Crestwood this morning.

That sounds familiar.  Where have I heard of that happening?   7 term Democrat Vic Snyder (AR-2) moved the time of his meeting up by an hour in an effort to avoid being seen with Mike Ross:

Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross, a key negotiator for the Blue Dogs whose deal with Waxman broke the extended deadlock.

having to face angry constituents.  Compare this press release:

When/Where: Wednesday, August 5 – 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

to this report: Hat tip to Michelle Malkin

..Vic Snyder will have a townhall meeting at 1pm at the Chairman’s Hall …. the radio announcement stating the meeting was at 2pm. Bonnie from Arkansas Children’s Hospital stated that it was a 2pm and that it has been changed to 1pm.

Blue Dogs & Parker Griffith on the run!

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