Re: Meet the Mob

The right-wing mob, swastika-waving, un-American, tea-bagging.  The Brown Shirts, Brooks Brothers mafia.  Pawns of BIG PHARMA. They are everywhere! The mob will not even let representatives dodge tough questions from their constituents. ( voice of 14 yr old girl–>) Don’t they know that members of Congress have better things to do than elude concerned citizens by hiding out in local hospitals.  Hospitals, like smell weird, … and the people in them are like gross because they are all like sick. It’s so gross! (back to your regular voice)

Look real hard at these pictures and see if you can spot them. (H’tip to Dana L).

Dangerous Mob!

Dangerous Mob!

More hilarious photos at the link.

I have found their leader.  He’s cunning, dangerous and has managed to infiltrate a town-hall without being noticed, he’s probably a sleeper cell for those right-wing extremist groups that DHS warned us about.   Worst of all, he’s got that “fishy” look.   I have definitely seen his face at the post office.

Right Wing Extremist

Right Wing Extremist


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One response to “Re: Meet the Mob

  1. Dana

    This post is hilarious, but makes a good point!
    That mob looked about as scary as a PTA meeting or a group picture from a church social. Their leader was really scary, and in his disguise, I bet he can infiltrate almost any gathering, give his marching orders to his troops and remain anonymous, escaping undetected!!

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