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Not Lies, Just False

Antwon Womack, candidate for District 6 on the Birmingham Board of Education, said at a news conference this afternoon that he will not drop out of the race after The Birmingham News reported that he lied about his age, education and residence while campaigning.

“My campaign is not based on a foundation of lies,” Womack said today. “My values are not lies. It’s just the information I provided to the people is false.

Womack admitted again today that he lied on both his campaign Web site and his Facebook page, which he also uses to campaign, by claiming he was 23 years old, graduated from West End High School in 2005 and received a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Alabama A&M in 2009.

Records indicate Womack is 21 years old and dropped out of Wenonah High School in 2004 as a freshman. Student record databases at Alabama A&M show Womack was never a student at the university.

“I have been told not to drop out of the race,” Womack said, but declined to say who told him that. “I apologize to District 6 voters for this. … This here is not the end of the world.”

When confronted with the discrepancies Monday, Womack admitted the embellishments and said he wanted to make himself look older and more dignified so voters would take him more seriously. At that time, he also admitted he didn’t live in Birmingham’s District 6, and said he instead lived in Fairfield.

Today, he said he did indeed live in Birmingham’s District 6.

I am telling you, this kid has got a promising career in Birmingham politics.  He can’t be any worse than the current mayor of Birmingham:

An investment banker pleaded guilty Tuesday to bribing Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors, the second co-defendant to admit funneling cash and gifts to Langford in exchange for $7.1 million in bond business.

Reactionary at Flashpoint did some more digging on Dr. Mr. Womack and the story only gets better.


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Parker Griffith got the townhall in a hospital memo

Gotta get away from those angry mobs of rapid right wing extremists.  God forbid our representatives actually meet with us in person.

Congressman Parker Griffith will discuss his ideas on health care reform at a press conference at Crestwood Hospital at 2 p.m. today.  The event was originally scheduled to happen at the north Alabama congressman’s Huntsville office, but it was changed to Crestwood this morning.

That sounds familiar.  Where have I heard of that happening?   7 term Democrat Vic Snyder (AR-2) moved the time of his meeting up by an hour in an effort to avoid being seen with Mike Ross:

Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross, a key negotiator for the Blue Dogs whose deal with Waxman broke the extended deadlock.

having to face angry constituents.  Compare this press release:

When/Where: Wednesday, August 5 – 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

to this report: Hat tip to Michelle Malkin

..Vic Snyder will have a townhall meeting at 1pm at the Chairman’s Hall …. the radio announcement stating the meeting was at 2pm. Bonnie from Arkansas Children’s Hospital stated that it was a 2pm and that it has been changed to 1pm.

Blue Dogs & Parker Griffith on the run!

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Blue Dogs on Parade

Bright & Griffith are among the 60 House Democrats that the RNC will target over the next month in a $1 million ad campaign to  defeat Obamacare.  Waste of money if you ask me.  H’tip to Danny @ Doc’s Political Parlor.

The Most Important Number in Politics Today

49– the number of House Democrats from districts carried by John McCain in 2008.  Included are Bobby Bright (McCain 63%) and Parker Griffith (61%) and McCain isn’t even the kind of Republican that most Alabamians voted for.  The percentages would have been higher if say, Mike Huckabee were on the ticket.   Chris Cillizza:

The problem for Pelosi in this debate is that her caucus is almost too big. Democrats picked up more than 50 seats in the past two elections, many of them in places like Idaho where Obama took just 36 percent; a vote for the president’s agenda, particularly on an issue as divided along partisan lines as health care, could be enough to convince their constituents that they are more loyal to the national party than to their own state.

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Rule 5 Sunday

RULE 5. Yes, I am this shameless.

Not an Erin Andrews peephole video.  I repeat, not the video of Erin Andrews, a reporter for ESPN. Neither is it Andrea McNulty. There are no Sarah Palin photos. No CBO analysis of ObamaCare.  Absolutely no discussion of Henry Louis Gates Jr either.

Yes, I went there. Instead, I am going with a classic Southern Belle and fellow University of Alabama alum.

Sela Ward

Sela Ward as an University of Alabama cheerleader

Sela Ward as an University of Alabama cheerleader

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Retirement? Yes, please

Skimmed an article this week about the California budget battle. Specifically, the fact that over 5,000 retired government workers receive pensions in excess of $100,000.  I was wrong.  According to California Prison Reform, the number is actually 5,115.  That’s $51 million, annually the state owes to these lucky individuals. (not counting educators).

I mention this for two reasons.  First,California has been a little short of cash lately.  No doubt in part due to their overloaded pension.

Secondly, waltm at Doc’s Political Parlor had an interesting post on a statement Bob Riley made about trimming teacher benefits to fund the education budget (proration is at 11%).  Dangerous territory as Paul Hubbert and the AEA are the Hoffa and Teamsters of Alabama.  Read the comments at the last link and you ‘ll get the drift.  Our teachers do not receive pensions like California but they do get some snappy health benefits like these:

According to RSA (pdf), monthly premiums for single teachers who take the Hospital/Medical or an HMO plan have a $742 monthly state allocation and they pay $2 out of pocket.

And for comparison, single state employees (pdf) cost the state, $775 and have no payroll deduction for insurance.

Thanks to waltm for the legwork.

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Alabama Election-2010

Republican Mike Rogers (AL-3) has been added to the NRCC’s Patriot Program a.k.a the list of the party’s most vulnerable members.  John McCain carried the Alabama 3rd with 56% of the vote but Rogers only gathered 53% of the vote against newcomer (opponent) Josh Segall.

Also, freshmen Democrats Bobby Bright (AL-2) and Parker Griffith (AL-5) are on the DCCC Frontline program. Bright won with a meager 50.23% of the vote.

Senator Richard Shelby has a campaign war chest of $14.8 million, second only to Chuck Schumer.  That’s enough to ward off any challengers.  According to CQ:

Sens. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., and Richard C. Shelby, R-Ala., will easily win new terms in 2010 in part because of their huge campaign treasuries.

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Southern Dems, GOP Counties

Jay Cost at the Real Clear Politics HorseRaceBlog has some great analysis on the evaporation of Democratic support in Southern counties from 1996 to2008.  At the same time the GOP has been losing support  in the Northeast, the Democratic Party has been losing support in the South and South Atlantic.  Check out the change in the maps between Clinton(96) and Obama (08).    Jay Cost:

The bottom line is that Obama’s voting coalition is substantially less rural, less white, and less Southern than Clinton’s – leaving many House members in a difficult position vis-à-vis the party’s legislative agenda. Members like Boren now must choose between their party and their constituents.

Among the top of the list of Dems in Republican leaning districts are Bobby Bright (R +17) and Parker Griffith (R+15).

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