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Reading the Map

Jay Cost has a great piece on today at the RealClearPolitics-HorseRaceBlog.  His post concerns the internal rifts in the Democratic party and the failure of the White House to recognize them.  Jay created a map (great visual) marking the offices of the House leadership and Congressmen involved in the health-care debate.  The majority are coastal liberals while the majority of Dems from districts that McCain won are from the South.  The liberals (think Waxman & Pelosi) wrote the bills so of course liberals and progressives approve.

…the moderate and conservative Democrats – whose votes are needed for passage yet who run the risk of defeat next fall should the broad middle of the country sour on the reform efforts – weren’t fully consulted, and don’t like the bills. Hence, the internal friction – which corresponds pretty well with age-old sectional divisions..

Jay lists several reasons why the WH should have seen this rift coming but I am going to list two:

For the months between November and January, we were treated to endless comparisons of Obama to the great presidents of the days of yore. One of them was Franklin Roosevelt. Question: who stopped the New Deal dead in its tracks after 1938? It wasn’t the Republicans alone. It was Southern Democrats working in alliance with the Republicans. Who are the marginal members standing between Obama and a health care bill…Southern Democrats!…


Fourteen of these seats changed hands in either 2006 or 2008 when Emanuel was in a leadership position in the House. Is this not a sufficiently representative sample to know that there could be trouble?

As it is now, Southern, Conservative or Blue-Dog Democrats are in the perilous position of being damned if they do, damned if they don’t when it comes to the health-care bill. A “No” vote satisfies their constituents and keeps them in office but deepens the rift.


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Obama is very liberal..

In case you don’t believe me I have numbers to prove it,er, Rasmussen does.

Seventy-six percent (76%) of U.S. voters now think President Obama is at least somewhat liberal. Forty-eight percent (48%) say he is very liberal…

This marks the highest finding to date on the question and is a five-point increase in the number who say the president is very liberal from a month ago.

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Sarah = George Wallace??

Palin famously compared herself to a pit bull with lipstick. We might note she could be George Wallace with lipstick. If we look past the racism, there’s much to compare between Wallace’s ode to the “good people of Alabama” and Palin’s admonition to not “underestimate the wisdom of the people.”

I am used to Sarah being called a “bimbo”, or a “slutty flight attendant”, by PDS late-night comedic hacks.  When the editors of what was once a respectable Alabama newspaper use that kind of language just shows who is really more like George Wallace.  Memo to the editors:   George Wallace = Sarah Palin is too much of  a stretch, even for the MSM.   Looks like someone is eying a promotion to the NY Times. H’tip Danny. C4Palin. Fire Andrea Mitchell has the video.

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